cross-posted from: > The activity of the SocialHub community, like all other 'fediverse-substrate' bodies, has waned. From an active community to just a forum. Now a decision has to be made for the future of SocialHub. The options are stopping, be just a forum, or revitalize a vibrant community. The last option needs people willing and committed to do so. To step up for the sake of Fediverse Futures.

Wintermute (DeepNo0b) vs Liwott Liwott resigned at move 46

Liwott won in 42 moves by resignation.

A Fedizens walked into a bar
(Coopy pasta this onto reddit) I went to a bar last week and saw this total fediette. I immediately fedied a little in my pants and decided to put my fedi where my mouth is. I went up and sat my fediussy on the stool next to her, and asked her if I knew her. Nah, you're too pretty. I'd remember your face. Misskey to remember, funkwhake to forget. She was instantly feding out her panties at the mere thought of feding out with me. Then some anti-fedier jerkop came up and said "Are you fucking quoting the fediverse (2022) to pick up girls?" I fedipanicked. I said "I...ill follow you on diaspora?" and he started #fediblocking me. I fedied the hell out and fedied all over that guy and am now in federated prison for "fediMurder". Don't those fedidetectives know it was a fediverse reference? All in all, follow me on pixelfed?

cross-posted from: > One of my first punch needle attempts. I like drawing my own patterns. > I'm thinking about getting into rug hooking.

How much resources does Lemmy/fediverse need?
cross-posted from: > I will rent a v-server today with those specs: > **2 CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk space** > > I think it's enough to run normal websites and even a game server, but I have no experience with the Fediverse. > > Is this enough to run a few fediverse instances, like Lemmy and Mastodon or even others? > > How much resources does Lemmy need in particular? > > Thank you for your help.

I'm endlesscomfort, no budget to change the name to me me and winter are waiting for matches to finish the closer a contestant is to the trophy the more games they've won

[Event] Can i get some help making a phenomenal grand final promo thing?
I'm imaging it'll vaguely be like the peach battle how to help. Ideas, cool pictures i could put together. Fan art. OCs. A story etc.

tournament note for self; winter won in 51 moves u/Endlesscomfort doesnt like the cold so he ran away and i subbed in for them

tournament note for self; liwott won in 21 moves

part of the fediverse chess tournament.

Establishing an acct migration norm
we can make this a tradition when people start on and then make an announcement post with their account contributions and announce account retirement, and choosing a smaller instance to migrate to. Also making the choice whether to confirm their next identity or continue anonymously.

People hate reading, so i'll copy paste the important points from my previous posts here. if you can help with graphics or advertising to get more people to join thatd be great! # Format Round robin. Each person is playing 2 games, finals might be 3 games # Rules: - Feel free to ~~gentleman~~ gentlecoin to whatever rules you want. But i'd recommend allow 1 undo each, especially if you're both inexperienced. If you're experienced and the person you're playing against is inexperienced, consider giving them more undos. - Best of 1 - in my experience lichess works best if you register, but not required though clearing your cookies will break the game iirc!!! - Both people have to report who won here. Both of you also attempt to report how many moves it took for you to win, might be used for tie breaking. - Dont cheat ex by having a grandmaster computer play for you - Do at least 1 move a day # Gambling: - I'm down to bet an imaginary currency like [!]( or cat girls or what have you. 1v1 me sib! --- Would be cool if you upload your match so we can see what happened!

New: sub engorgement continues, cross post all creative Original fediverse Content to this sub: use the letters OC in the beginning of the title. Ex, art, poems, OC memes from the latest movies etc.

c/fedizens highlights interesting interactions that span multiple fediverse (+ matrix) platforms AND methods to grow the fediverse (which includes lemmy)

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Lemmy dot C.A.
A canadian-run community, geared towards canadians, but all are welcome!

Welcome to Lemmy.CA!

“Lemmy dot C.A.” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software (see the links in the very bottom right for more info), being part of the Lemmy side of the Fediverse, and it’s (somewhat) geared toward Canucks, hosted in Canuckistan, and run by a Canuck. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canucks, or Canuck culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

We have some rules here:

  • No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia. Code of Conduct.
  • Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here.
  • No porn.
  • No Ads / Spamming.

(Much of this is all based on the well-established groundwork of the Lemmy home instance,