> Organizing in Michigan, once a union stronghold, has symbolic significance. […] Votes for the other Michigan locations are expected to be collected in the first week of June. [Full article: [](, [12ft Ladder](]

This bill would make it too difficult for medical providers to save a mother's life in the case of ectopic pregnancy or other health conditions. Having medical professionals involved in writing healthcare legislation should be required.

Frequent errors
Today I’m getting a lot of FetchError or 404 error messages when browsing via the web. I get them on every other page load. Here’s a sample: > 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site > 404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'person') > 404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? reason: Unexpected end of JSON input No idea if it’s the same in other Lemmy clients. Is it just me or does anyone else see it too?

Maybe I do know.

This instance is now for Ben Shapiro fans in the Midwest
After watching a couple of Ben's YouTube videos of him owning SJWs with facts and logic I have realized that the Left is bad and so I'm therefore a conservative now. This instance is hereby dedicated to Midwestern Shapirists to share his videos and study debate tactics.

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