Bumped into this awesome horror/parody show from 2004 and thought I should share

cross-posted from: > I really liked this movie when I was young and would probably still think it's a decent movie. Back then I didn't pick up on most of these tendencies, quite interesting.

cross-posted from: > The Holodomor Genocide Question: How Wikipedia Lies to You

cross-posted from: > Let's have fun laughing at all the arguments landlords use to justify their parasitical existence. Timestamps below. Sources in the pinned comment as always.

I forgot who NoBullshit is; but I think I trusted him, when I was younger, because he sounded smart. Well, now he doesn't sound smart.

Chinese citizen in search for concentration camps
The Chinese government has in recent years established many concentration camps in Xinjiang, or in their term, “vocational re-education and training centers”, for imprisoning local ethnic minorities and dissidents. Unlike regular imprisonment or detention, people are held here without any prior court trial The period of their imprisonment is no longer determined by courts but becomes endless.

Neat vids from youtube or wherever. Rules later

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