Where has the page gone?
Now the Welcome page redirects to https://join-lemmy.org/

recommendation: polish news in english
Hiya, not sure, if the communities are expected to be in english but we have a community posting news from poland in english, with varying activity, but going on since nearly two years.

Live updates will be happening
There are some minor issues regarding how colours render on the site, for now it's reverted to bog-standard pasty off-white default theme. A dark interface is #1 priority. I'll be doing some live work on the site in the coming days but can't be bothered to clone the site to a sandbox. You may experience some changes in the visuals when browsing while I work. Such is life.

The colors in this community list could be different, I can't hardly see anything.

Unofficial "Welcome to Lemmy!"-page with a BIG list of 280+ communities, sortable by topic and activity
NRSK have made an unofficial info page for new and old users alike. If you are new, or want to introduce someone to Lemmy, maybe this can be a useful tool? Perhaps you're an old-timer who'll find some interesting new communities to subscribe to? If you have any feedback or want to add to the list, drop a comment or post in https://nrsk.no/c/welcome. Right now the list is manually curated, but long term ideas such as direct user submissions is being explored.

A meta-community regarding NRSK’s welcome-page. Suggestions, corrections, retractions, general feedback etc.

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