In early February, Bernie Sanders advocated US involvement in peace talks to head off an “enormously destructive war” in Ukraine. We should have listened.

The article is essentially correct and it echos what Mearsheimer warned of back in 2015. This war certainly could have been avoided, but there was no interest in trying to do so through serious negotiation.

The outcome is a disaster not just for Ukraine, but for the greater western world as well. The war showed that the west is not invincible, and that western economy is built on shaky foundations that are now starting to unravel in face of the economic war.

The west also foolishly pushed countries to choose sides in the conflict and to western dismay many countries, including some of the biggest ones, chose to either stay neutral or to openly support Russia. We’re now seeing a new economic system forming that will completely bypass the western financial system, and thus greatly reduce western influence over the world.

This period will be taught in history books as the pivotal point in the collapse of the western empire.

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