This is a master of the craft. Others just know how to use tools and jig. Most of anglosaxon video on youtube use one tool per task.

The usual DIY videos are clearly just propaganda for some tool brand. It is clear that anyone with a workshop with a CNC machine can make his furniture, but the old man does not need any of this, because he knows what he does, better than anyone. He does fancy stuff with the simplest tools, which these so-called experts can’t do with all the paraphernalia of tools and machinery. The Grandpa Amu channel is a must see for all DIY fans.


I wanted to see one time how difficult it would be to make a DIY smokeless fireplace. It only required:

  • An entire garage full of equipment.
  • A $200 fire ring

What ? You mean that owning the mean of production of something gives you more power and freedom ? No way !

But having a whole worshop for every person would be ineffective… We could own together the things used to make other thing ! What an original idea. I’m so proud. I will name it… Togetherism. Thank me later.

Tell me more about this togetherism 🤔

Here in my city there’s actually a place that is pretty much that. They have a table saw and other woodworking tools that you pay a small fee to use per month and if you want your own space you can join the collective and you get a reserved space big enough for a workbench or two.

Yeah ! If done right, this kind of structure really are a great thing. I know of a few of those but never went there for now. Have to check this out !


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