Would you leave Chrome for Microsoft Edge (or Safari)?

Firefox is better.

So, all complaining about intrusive browser-related ads and not a single mention to Firefox.

I remember when my Grandpa was still alive he’d get all confused and ask me why Windows was telling him to use certain programs like Edge. I was just like, “Grandpa, they want you to use Microsoft products because they make more money if you do.” and then he got really annoyed.

It’s faster and safer browsing using curl.

Chrome is way overrated, just like edge (a little less) in my opinion. They focus heavily on speed and not on actually giving a unique browsing experience. They dont help you browse the internet efficiently and organized like browsers like Vivaldi do. The appearence of these browsers (and firefox to) stayed quite similar over time. There are better browsers, people just follow the masses and dont even try out new onces.

Unlike Chromium though, Firefox still lets you theme a lot of stuff, including position and dimension of UI elements, via browser-level CSS.

Online, you can find many themes for many work styles, or you can make your own. I want my browser to be compact and minimalist, for example, so I made this: https://mastodon.uno/@octo/108329542312201239


That is nice. I never used firefox long enough to find these detailed settings. it is a shame there user share declined so much. It is good to have another browser engine around


Never take fanboy’s opinions and this guy makes it pretty obvious. Never even mentioned Firefox.

Safari doesn’t even run on Windows and Linux. If a company controlled every aspect of hardware and software, of course it will run faster. It’s 2022, isn’t technology supposed to be portable? I would take some trade off on speed for superior portability, adblock, privacy and customization over a browser that doesn’t even bother being cross platform.

this is, however, good content for sheeples

edge is chrome?

Sort of. Chrome and Edge are based on same (chromium) codebase with additional features on top

No problems here, using Vivaldi and Firefox, previously castrating Windows and removing its bad habits. Now it does what I want.


Castrating Windows via one of those registry-editing scripts or via a community-made distribution of Windows?

Just asking out of curiosity, since I already use the ultimate method of castrating Windows (Linux).

LOL, yeah, Linux is the últimate methode. But sadly, for several reasons Windows is still needed, because of the lack of some professional and official apps for Linux, also respect of games (although currently this is changing). To tame Windows to my like I used the own Windows tool GodMode, which give access to all setttings of Windows, even the hidden ones, and a FOSS tool called Window Optimizer (better to use a tool for some settings, because registry settings by hand is pretty dangerous and easy to convert your PC in a paperwight)

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