Intel officials, who want to build a massive chip processing facility in Central Ohio, say passage of that federal bill is crucial for them.

For some reason I just don’t feel like in-housing chip production is the best solution to the US realizing they all of a sudden have supply chain issues. Invest in another country that needs some uplifting and could potentially gain from the addition of the production.

I feel the burden that comes along with manufacturing in America, especially Ohio in the middle of the states, just is destined for pollution issues, high costs associated with transportation of materials, and just general lack of real reasoning to invest in this besides “we don’t want to rely on China”. Well, no duh, but there’s like a billion ways to do that.

I hope this helps with chip production issues and brings a little boom to Midwest manufacturing, but I also hope in the long term we have a better solution to these issues because we can’t just bring all manufacturing to the US to solve issues with foreign manufacturing.

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