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No one considers Pol Pot a communist, but go hard at revealing your obviously propagandized mind.

Because this place is based and people here can read. Illiteracy is the best weapon of anti-communists because if people can’t read, they often can’t educate themselves that communism is the obviously better system.

Haha some desktop background I saw on here.

It’s Kim Jong Un on a cool looking industrial platform mounted to a hydraulic extender inspecting a reanimated Lenin with a reanimated Karl Marx in the background. The reference is to Juche necromancy, which is used as an internet meme for all the people in the DPRK who are claimed to have been murdered but then they turn up fine. The joke is that they’re being reanimated by juche necromancy.

Yes, always. Shoplifting from anything but a good worker-owned enterprise is entirely supportable assuming it’s not just like a mom and pop with zero employees other than the mom and pop.

The entire existence of capitalism is tightly coupled with mass worker exploitation through the theft of the surplus value generated by workers.

Edit: I don’t even care if they aren’t in poverty, I still support them, especially from trash like Target.

Stalin was imperfect and made mistakes, but I agree with Deng that he was 70% right and 30% wrong which is worlds better than any liberal democratic leaders in the entire history of the imperial core.

Capitalism, it was the new hot shit after feudalism, but it just caused colonialism, imperialism, and mass starvation because there has to be an enormous reserve army of labor. It also leads to cyclical economic collapses which impoverish more people at the bottom while enriching people at the top, creating an oligarchy.

What are your favorite leftist podcasts?
I'll start: * Revolutionary Left Radio * Red Menace * Guerilla History * The Socialist Program * Empire Files * The Red Nation Podcast