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We can go even deeper on the sources OP gave (what a shock the “don’t be mean” beehaw users act like mouthpieces for imperialism).

The ICIJ, despite its grand sounding name, is a CIA op. They were the ones who published the Pandora papers which were much smaller in size than the Panama papers (for which actual journalists died) and did not name any USians. None.

They’re an op to catch whistle-blowers essentially.

The BBC has long abandoned any non-partisan standing and some of their subsidiaries got their journalism licenses revoked by the UK gov because they are not journalists. I think there is a specific act that completely changed the BBC from being a public news broadcaster to simply a public broadcaster. I’d have to look for it.

The Guardian despite their “lefty” (self) claim is consistently against anything progressive. When corbyn was being smeared by the media for “anti semitism” (a claim which has now backfired on Labour and their Jewish constituents), they happily ran with the claims and amplified them. I have literally never seen any guardian article that wasn’t actually neoliberal propaganda. They’re at best a Blairite rag.

I’m surprised they didn’t cite Wikipedia lol

That’s the website that uses AI generated pictures for their “prisoners list”. Linked to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation which not only decided to count all COVID deaths as victims of communism in 2020, but was literally started by people active in Nazi organisations.

Like this guy’s picture at the bottom:

There used to be pictures of people in the same exact clothes, pulling the same exact pose, in the exact same background just with a different face but they seem to have removed those pictures after people caught on. edit: https://old.reddit.com/r/ShitLiberalsSay/comments/uy02ya/why_yes_i_totally_believe_the_xinjiang_police/

A bit late but yeah.

lmao libs truly have only two things going on in their head, and they’re starting to confuse them.

He’s a debate streamer that has a very “debate bro” attitude and tends to forego any arguments in favour of memes to make himself look edgy. For example when someone pointed out that the US killed 20% of North Korea’s population during the war, he said “we dabbed on them”.

Oh, that person was later harassed for days by his followers because she’s a “tankie” and they didn’t like that she appeared on stream.

He claim_ed_ to be an anarchist and socialist, then I think retracted that to being a liberal. In any case he is not a socialist by any stretch of the word.

On the other hand this has led him to say the stupidest things so that he could build an audience. For example, he used the n-word (full word) in a debate to “disarm” his opponents.

He’s been in a lot of controversy; his CP twitter account was found; back when he started streaming, it came out he had been sexually harassing a girl on Discord; he’s bros with Charlie Kirk and other far-right anti-communists (but hates anything that sounds too socialist). But really he himself would be fine in the sense that if he was just some weird dude on the corner of youtube, people would just laugh at his videos with 13 views.

The problem is he has a large audience who tend to watch him and only him (and sometimes worship him like an idol), and defend the very real and provable scandals he has committed. They also think of themselves as super informed socialists, when honestly they know nothing about anything. You can disprove their arguments against socialism in one google search, and then they will call you slurs – they learned from the best.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Vaush was an FBI agent. I don’t think he is an FBI agent, simply because I refuse to believe they have let standards fall so bad they would hire him of all people, but their goals both coincide at stopping people from going too far left and redirecting them to the useless Democrats.

Concern trolling. Russia is totally open to humanitarian corridors and opened one in Mariupol. The Azov fascists however fired at anyone that tried to leave.

Zelensky, right after the war started, prevented all men of fighting age from leaving the country just in case they might conscript them.

Ukraine made it illegal just recently to accept food from Russia in occupied areas. If you do, you will be considered a collaborator and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

They used to tie people up to lampposts in Kiev and other cities (a form of mob justice for “crimes” such as “stealing”, allegedly) and leave them here while air raids sirens would presumably go off. They probably still do it, I just haven’t seen anything new about it.

In fact Ukraine did not activate the air raid sirens in time while the siege of Kiev was going on, despite receiving warnings from Russia that they would strike. People could not get to shelters in time because the siren would ring just several minutes before the missile struck.

Yes Russia is killing civilians. I’m not gonna pretend war leaves civilians unharmed. But Ukraine is making the situation worse for their own people. Ukraine is using its civilian population as atrocity propaganda. If you want something to be appalled that, this is it.

Europe (and by extension our US masters) have been goading Russia into war for 8 years. Then we made a shocked Pikachu face, launched our “in case of war with Russia” propaganda machine (all the silly stuff Russia has been banned from at the start of the war), and now we get to pretend we still have the moral high ground because at least our wars are not in Europe 😎

Get some perspective; war with Russia has been implanted in the media since 2014 and before. In fact, it was a concern as far back as 1945 of all things, when NATO was founded to “counter” an invasion of Europe by the USSR (Which the USSR was never interested in). When that failed, NATO turned to funding fascist paramilitaries which they saved after WW2 to commit acts of terrorism and lower support for communism in Europe.

Finland: sees Ukraine getting invaded over NATO encroaching.

Also Finland: I want some of that too!

This is also excluding the many, many people that protested for Finland not to join NATO. But of course this decision, which breaks with their tradition of neutrality, is applauded by the bourgeois media.

The status quo has worked for 80 years. What does this achieve except make a clearly imperialist organisation stronger, create more tension against Russia and put Finns in danger?

When the war in Ukraine is over Finns that supported this will wonder what the fuck they were thinking.

This wouldn’t make any sense if it was true. It’s not true, because Russia sent negotiators in the very beginning of the war (one week in), and Ukraine refused to show up. Then Ukraine came back with outrageous demands (like taking territory that’s part of Russia). Negotiations are a normal part of warfare, where both parties try to end a costly, difficult invasion and get away with as much as they can. That’s why they’re called negotiations and not demands.

Zelensky saying he will only negotiate when “Russian forces have been pushed back to their Feb. 24 positions” shows he is not serious about negotiating. He obviously isn’t, because he doesn’t actually control his country – he’s just a puppet to the fascists, who themselves hope for NATO clemency. There’s a video of him from before the war trying to get his own soldiers to stop shelling Donbass and they just outright refuse in his face.

It doesn’t make any sense that Russia wouldn’t negotiate because the goal of war is to get the enemy to execute your will. Why would Russia not send negotiators to get what they want in the beginning of the war, thus avoiding a costly invasion?

What is the goal then, Russia will not negotiate anything and just… rampage through the Ukrainian countryside until the Zelensky gov tells Putin “okay, this is all yours now”? Of course there has to be negotiations even to annex a country.

An annexation is on the table at this point. At least we don’t disagree on that. It’s on the table because like I said, too much has been committed here to just pull out, even if the original aims were to liberate the Donbass and compel Ukraine to respect the Minsk 2 Agreements. Russia has been excluded from international markets, which I believe to be an act by NATO to evolve the war to a higher stage and put annexation on the table.

The power plant is right on the frontline. It’s behind the Dnieper river, and the opposite side of it is under Ukrainian control, but Russia cannot and must not abandon the power plant unless Ukraine agrees to stop shelling it. Although considering Ukraine has been breaking the Minsk agreements for 8 years I don’t think their word and signature is worth very much.

If they left the plant, they would leave it defenceless for Ukraine to either shell it or move into it. This is a war, a military occupation. There is no reason they would not secure the plant like any other installation considering at the moment it is right on the frontline, not 100km behind it.

There still needs to be people working in this plant – it provides energy to Ukraine and Russia has not shut the plant down (doing that would kill people due to lack of electricity access). The engineers and other employees working in this plant are Ukrainian and considering what they’ve been saying to media, Russia has good reason to believe they cannot leave them to their own devices.

Whether Russia is using the plant as a military base is something different entirely. I have not seen any credible evidence they are actually using it to protect their troops, just hearsay.

Only thing that would save the civilians and a nuclear disaster would be to declare the plant and a buffer zone around it “sacred ground” and no military incident can take place there. But again, considering Ukraine has been shelling their own plant with their own workers in it providing electricity to their own people, I doubt such an agreement would last long.

There is no way that will happen after Ukraine has kept refusing negotiations and the imperial core jumped on the occasion to ban Russia from everything, from their participation in transnational gov panels to cat shows of all things.

Russia has committed too much in this war, and there is too much in play here, to just say “nevermind guys, we’ll just be going home now lol”. Don’t be an idealist.

I’m sticking with how people live their lives instead of how the CPC’s ideology wants things to be.

People living in Taiwan are by and large happy with the status quo. Why are you trying to project your ideas on them? They don’t want independence, they want things to remain as they are. Why are you so insistent you know better than them?

How’s the housing market?

Considering 90% of people own their homes and Chinese cities never show up in most expensive cities in the world, it seems to be going great.

And the aging population?

As if that’s not a problem anywhere. Didn’t stop the US from becoming and being the richest and most powerful country for a long time.

the governing body of Taiwan sees itself as the ROC (Republic of China). The One China policy is really older than the civil war, it’s been going on as far back as thousands years ago in varying ways.

There can only be one China at any time essentially, which is indivisible and covers certain areas; and both the PRC and ROC recognize that. For a long time after the PRC was established, they actually didn’t have a seat at the UN – the UN recognized the ROC and their claim over mainland China, which they’d fled.

They were able to flee to Taiwan because the island was a province of the ROC. The KMT also committed a genocide there to establish their power and be recognized by the local residents as the authority. So even then we can see the KMT’s authority wasn’t as accepted as they would like us to think.

Both lay claim to what we call mainland China as well as the island of Taiwan. The ROC actually claims more land than the PRC does, actually (for example according to them all of Mongolia is their territory).

But as Yogthos pointed out this is the KMT position, but they are not in power at this time. Current governing body of Taiwan is okay with the status quo (or maybe not anymore, considering they allowed Pelosi to visit), because it kinda works for them. Most people living in Taiwan are okay with the status quo actually. Not being recognized as a country, but still being somewhat of a state.

The independence of Taiwan as its own country has never been a question because that would mean, as you said, that the ROC would stop existing and just be known as Taiwan. And thus they couldn’t claim mainland China any more.

But for more context around the ROC and PRC specifically, which is what interests us in the 21st century, is that the KMT only survived because it fled to Taiwan and with US help was able to deter an invasion from the fledgling PRC who really didn’t have the naval capacity to invade. If there had not been any island to flee to, the KMT would have been utterly defeated right then and there and there would not be any debate today as to Taiwan’s sovereignty; there would only be the PRC.

lmao yeah communists correcting the history of their movement is the exact same as a “free speech” instance that has to be trans-exclusionary to function right in their sidebar. Fuck off.

Building an instance solely on being pissed at another instance for existing. They need to have us in their blocklist because they could not handle the backlash if they federated. That’s all there is to it.

Lemmygrad is far left, communist instance, expressing pro US, against Russia and pro Ukraine position will swiftly get you banned

Post proof. Here’s our modlog: https://lemmygrad.ml/modlog