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That or you go back on the return date only to find out they refused to repair it because it won’t boot without a drive so “there was nothing we could do”

(because they totally can’t just insert one of their own boot drives they have on hand, with diagnostic tools and a known good OS installation, you know, like the ones any real IT repair business should be using anyway).

No. I don’t fuck with people on this kind of subject matter ever. I’m also not great at reading implications sometimes.

you misunderstood me, I’m saying it sounds like he got killed by James Bond…

I literally thought this was sarcasm. Maybe don’t reference a movie franchise when expressing that you think a real person was really killed by a real regime? Even if people realize that’s what you’re saying, it’s still in poor taste.

But yes, if your intended context was that you think he was murdered and did not commit suicide, then no it wasn’t victim blaming what you said. My mistake.

No, I was providing more information on why I thought you were victim blaming. I didn’t ask any extra questions, I copied and pasted a quote from you.

Were you not implying that because he knew he could go to jail, he’s somehow foolish for killing himself when that possibility surfaced? A la he should have seen it coming and if he couldn’t deal with it it’s his own fault?

Because that’s victim blaming. It’s not that different logically from “she wore skimpy clothing in a dark alley so it’s her own fault she was assaulted!”

He knew he might go to jail for this, that’s the whole point, if you’re so afraid of jail the thought makes you want to kill yourself, you dont do things like hacktivism.

Way to victim blame someone who was clearly suffering from a collapsing mental health at the hands of the US empire.

More info: (Also, DO NOT refer to it by any acronyms! The canonical name of this factual and objective news publication is Canadian-United Media, to shorten it into an acronym is to insult the Western free world's journalism prowess!)

Analysis by NightMind:

TIL pirating some scientific papers from JSTOR (read: not the CIA or anything) is a political crime.

Also, he was caught by the MIT police and regular police. Where the hell did you get secret service from?

Evidence for foreign agency Involvement in Shanghai protests emerges
cross-posted from: > * Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for RFA, CNN, BBC > > * Questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters > > * Agent instructing protest tactics > > * Telegram group instruction :"Look for the director, when you get there" with pictures a foreign white man > > And looks like some arrests of provocateurs are happening

Ever notice that “mainstream” (read: US) game review sites give that franchise absolutely glowing reviews when tons of actual players think it sucks? Like, they consistently rate it much higher than many genuinely amazing games despite every iteration being basically the exact same goddamn thing. Not saying that “someone” is paying them off, but…

Moral of the story, review publications are bullshit, always take what regular players think above what “professional critics” think. Actually, this applies without fail for literally every form of art.

Call Of Duty can also be a great name for a pooping simulator game.

To be fair, this is very much ripping on real life GPS fuckups. The reason this film exists is because “I feel like the GPS is leading me to my death” is a pretty common IRL sentiment.

Hell I live in a major city with roads in a grid and it still manages to fuck it up. Though to be fair I exclusively take public transit and don’t drive so it’s more complicated than tracing the shortest line on the roads from A to B.

Capitalist Infighting! Grab the popcorn!

Honestly, I hadn’t thought of this. I was and still am pretty happy that the Fediverse is getting more and more traction, but this is a very good point. It’s like the digital version of gentrification.

Especially since Twitter’s userbase has a lot of problems and bad tendencies that we absolutely need to nip in the bud if they start showing up here. Same with people migrating to Lemmy from Reddit.

Hmm, sounds like something the West keeps accusing China/Russia/North Korea of. They wouldn’t… Call the kettle black would they?

Part 2: