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There is no such thing as better or worse when it comes to animals, just different. You’re wrong though, birds are quite clearly better lmao

The artificial competition between cats and dogs is so silly. They’re both great animals but they’re completely different from each other. It doesn’t even make sense to compare them. They’re not the same. It’s like comparing rabbits and birds and trying to rank them. Why the fuck?

Oh my God. I love it. It’s long bread. It’s FUCKING LONG. IF YOU CUT BREAD SIDEWAYS, IT LONG.

“If you want to change MY mind you gotta be an authority figure or threaten me!” — a free thinker

Now I know you didn’t even Google it because no. You’re very wrong.

It’s a real term whether you think it’s nonsense or not

I once went to a bathroom with an emergency knife in case of a toilet kraken

Only vaguely related I know but I thought you all should know lol

Bad. My cat died yesterday and the world is a cold, cruel place with no mercy for sweet, dorky cats.

Don’t get pets, folks. Eventually they die and it’ll break your heart.

Recently some idiot from the furthest right party in my country loudly complained that a newly built school in the city “discriminates against drivers”. You see the lot they built on wasn’t ideal, and they ended up having to sacrifice parking spaces. So there’s not enough parking for everyone. If you want to work there, you may have to take the bus or park elsewhere.

To this right-wing idiot, this was a huge scandal unlike any other! It’s a war on the people! It’s irrational hatred of drivers! The left has gone too far!

It was ridiculous.

Just fucking fund better public transportation jesus fuck.

Right??? Isn’t this the same country where people not only work for like 14 hours straight but are expected to join their coworkers and get fucking wasted after? Am I confusing South Korea and Japan?

To show whether you like/dislike and/or agree/disagree with something. Why are you confused?

Because you’re doing it wrong