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I was about to email the author who previously wrote about the woes of Instagram to tell about Pixelfed… but apparently it wasn’t needed. Good job!

I use Packard Bell’s netbook as my Linux home server these days.

The walrus saga has reached its conclusion.

You can’t have any COVID patients if all of them are shot.

Somewhere in spring 2020 DPRK declared there being no COVID cases, later this year said officially that there were "fever cases". So... I wouldn't really trust them.

Whoa, I’m part jealous! Their 1994 album “Dogman” is really ballsy. Hope the upcoming album reaches the same heights.

There are ethical reasons why OnlyFans is bad, and now there is a reason why OnlyFans is bad as a company.

Exactly, Ubisoft is a AAA company and Assassin’s Creed is their “crown jewel” after all.

There’s already ! for political memes, sometimes I remind people that some posts would be better there.

Iran may state so officially, but the country’s former nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani admitted that the aim was to create a nuclear weapon. The country’s defence minister Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in 2020 by Mossad because he was accused of being “the mastermind of the nuclear weapons programme” by Israel. Abbasi-Davani stated that his importance was correct, and there is a “nuclear system” with military capabilities: Iran has scientific research activities and uranium enrichment facilities which alone can be used for peaceful purposes, but with a missile programme can be used to create the infrastructure necessary for nuclear weapons.

“Although our stance on nuclear weapons based on the supreme leader’s explicit fatwa regarding nuclear weapons being haram [forbidden by Islamic law] is quite clear, Fakhrizadeh created this system and his concern wasn’t just the defence of our own country,” Abbasi-Davani said in the interview.

Every effort of censorship starts from “protecting children and vulnerable groups” but it eventually extends to adults.

And yet:

Without providing evidence, Denis Pushilin, the separatist leader in Donetsk, accused Ukraine of preparing to attack the two regions soon – an accusation Kyiv said was false.

“There are no orders to liberate our territories by force,” said Ukraine’s top security official, Oleksiy Danilov.

I’ve been struggling the whole day about how to respond to this.

My first reaction was disgust, as the thing going on with Uyghurs in China pretty much looks like a genocide, regardless of semantics. “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck”.

When it comes to discussion about the subject, I however have to agree with

To be clear: Allowing discussions around whether abuses occur is notably different to letting people get away with advocating for abuses. The latter is what needs strong responses. The former is what requires engagement.

No promotion of oppression or bigotry has in this case happened. I’d rather allow people have these discussions as long as they can behave like in a furnished space.

I’m fine with the developers’ political views, as the Lemmy software is more important.

Of course Lemmy has now a certain kind of PR problem as this FediTips fella is making big accusations and wanting people to stop using Lemmy altogether.