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Are there any communities that are more social like ask reddit?

I ask because when I was researching Lemmy, it was said it’s for developers.I don’t see much content other then politics and Computer developer stuff . Feels limited

I so feel you on that. What are your interests

Cause you’re calling me out saying my posts suck lol shits funny

Off topic but if you’re interested https://lemmy.ml/c/askawoman I don’t know how to promote. I asked lemmy support just waiting to hear back. If your bored I guess you can check it out

I'm new to lemmy and I created my own community or instance. But how do I get people to join? I'm assuming I can't post it to other communities. Can you help me?

So yea....What's everyone's plans this evening?
Just want to keep the conversation going on lemmy. Seems like no one is here :(

Do you guys see a lot of users in lemmy 'subs' I don't know if I'm using it right
Like ok For every lemmy 'sub' there's like 1 or 2 users maybe 25 at most. Am i doing something wrong?