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Sample of human stupidity. In any case, they will have to govern with caution, because returning to full fascism is equivalent to expulsion from the EC, which Brussels has already made very clear before these elections. Italy, like any other member of the EC, has had to sign a commitment regarding basic democratic rights and humanitarian rights in order to be a member of the EC. Well, neither can the Vatican belong to the EC for this reason, although they are tolerated using the Euro as currency for practical reasons.

Since when is the US a democratic country? It is a system with the most brutal capitalism in the world, where a democracy that deserves this name by far can exist as a mere label.

Ok, and how do you want them to do it, how to organize themselves in a dictatorship and internet censorship? Using carrier pigeons? Very easy to theoretize from a safe place about what people need.

Iran has currently a big human rights problem and it’s not wrong to help the people against the ayatolla regime and censorships.

Portmaster (OpenSource). With SPN (~$100/year) apart of TOR to stay safe 100%

Not only crippled, the app has shown in the past to activate mic and cam without autorization. Its directly spyware. It has 65 permissions in the Phone to intercept almost everything. Exodus Privacy analytics of FB app

  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION access approximate location only in the foreground

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION access precise location only in the foreground

  • ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION read locations from your media collection

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE view network connections

  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE view Wi-Fi connections



  • BROADCAST_STICKY send sticky broadcast

    • CAMERA take pictures and videos
  • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE change network connectivity

  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi


  • FOREGROUND_SERVICE run foreground service

    • GET_ACCOUNTS find accounts on the device
  • GET_TASKS retrieve running apps

  • INTERNET have full network access


  • MANAGE_OWN_CALLS route calls through the system

  • MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS change your audio settings

  • NFC control Near Field Communication


    • READ_CALENDAR Read calendar events and details
    • READ_CONTACTS read your contacts
    • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE read the contents of your shared storage


  • READ_PHONE_STATE read phone status and identity


  • READ_SYNC_SETTINGS read sync settings

  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED run at startup

    • RECORD_AUDIO record audio
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW This app can appear on top of other apps

  • USE_BIOMETRIC use biometric hardware

  • USE_FINGERPRINT use fingerprint hardware

  • USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT display notifications as full screen activities on a locked device

  • VIBRATE control vibration

  • WAKE_LOCK prevent phone from sleeping

  • WRITE_CALENDAR add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge

  • WRITE_CONTACTS modify your contacts

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE modify or delete the contents of your shared storage

  • -WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS toggle sync on and off


  • INSTALL_SHORTCUT install shortcuts







  • FEO2

  • AD_ID






If visiting FB from the PC is already a toothache, from the mobile it is sending your Curriculum vitae directly to Zuckerbot.

It is a pretty big problem. There are front-ends for almost any social network or streamin sites like YT, except for FB, because Facebook includes codes that hinder and avoid eventual front-ends, forcing the user to visit FB, yes or yes, in order to track and profile him. The only way to avoid it is to use all kinds of blockers, VPNs or the like. I personally avoid visiting it as much as possible, but it is true that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Therefore, apart from the usual blockers, I use Portmaster in the system. It is also recommended to use Site Bleacher in the browser.

I think that this are not depending on the AI, but to the devs, not so strange in the elitist Apple. Other face recognizing apps don’t have problems with color, tatoos and piercings.

Same in any other system which lacks the sovereignty of the people and that grants it to an elite. In this case there can never be an egalitarian and fair system. If a small merchant charges you abusive prices for a service or item, you will be left without clients and those who trust him, if a multinational or a bank does, you can even be required by law to go to them, if they have the necessary lobbies in politics. This is independent of the political system where there is an elite and a capital that governs the rules. The only way is to put the sovereignty of the population as a whole ahead of the factual and economic powers and not the other way around, as is done now. Only in this way can the abuse and greed of a few be avoided. Se also this thread

Malwarebytes give a lot of false positives, it is valid as complement to eliminate some PUPs and adware but even for this the Panda Cloud Cleaner is a better choice, Panda also is better as AV in Windows, if you don’t want the Defender, which is also very good novadays.

Ok, well seen Google and YouTube, some spyware have XD

People are not prevented from earning money from their work, by offering a fair exchange of goods and services for this work. But in neoliberalism this does not work like that, in politics they favor, not their corresponding voters, but they work for the benefit of large companies, banks and economic powers, at the cost of the work of others. This has nothing to do with the sovereignty of the people, but with the sovereignty of an economic elite with our politicians and the media as spokespersons. Even this war and also the previous ones were because of this, every time when this bubble was about to burst, to make a “reset”, enriching those who caused it and leaving crises, miseries and deaths for the population, just like now, look who have an economic crisis now, with banks and multinationals making record profits, who suffers is the people. This is what I mean by sovereignty so that capitalism regains its original meaning.

No, the result of neoliberalism is the lack of sovereignty of the people, leaving it to markets, banks and economic powers. This is what we are seeing live and direct where the system fails. The capitalist system with the sovereignty of the people cannot cause this damage. Capitalism as such does not imply that policies benefit speculators, banks and multinationals, this is what makes the difference.

Capitalism as such is only a system for the fair exchange of goods and services, the cause of poverty is not this, but the so-called neoliberalism that completely distorted this original idea due to the corruption, greed and selfishness of an elite, which enriches itself by cost and the work of the population. It is the continuation of feudalism.

For using it only as tecnically support and some calculations, every soft is valid. Even for flying the first time to the moon, they used a computer not much better than a old calculator. To maintan an 50 years old train, Wun 98 is almost overproportioned.

Yes, Zigurat is certainly very similar, but I’ve got Immortal Redneck for free in a GOG Giveaway and I still have a lot of game ahead of me with the bad blood that this game has, so for the moment I don’t need another similar paid one. Also, since I only have a 256Gb SSD in my laptop, where I already have more than half occupied, I have to watch a bit what I install, deleting the games that I have in the Steam and GOG accounts (having them in the account I can reinstall them then again, if I want), to make room for others. Active now I have, apart from Redneck, The Dark Mod (Free OpenSorce), Venetica (Steam Giveaway) and Postal II 😏(another GOG Giveaway). With this at the moment I have to entertain myself.

Well, they don’t specify after what you have to wash your hands, it can be from the toilet at the polling station or of the church.

Very funny indie FPS hardcore, where you will die more than 100 times before you can finish it. Each new attempt is different from the previous one in environments and enemies, you never know what awaits you.

CopperCube - free easy to use 3D engine
Make your own games without programming

Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster
See also NASA final Report (PDF)