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Email works fine if you just set up DKIM keys with the DNS, in my experience. One shouldn’t host email for random users for other reasons, haha.

I’ve visited the chatrooms dedicated to communities on lemmy and even more integrated, like on where they’re a part of the webUI. I never go back.

What about a peertube instance so the lemmyverse have somewhere to share videos? That’s been requested several times before.

cross-posted from: > 93% Of User ISP Data Including Full Capture (PCAP) Sold To Corporations Military For Deanonymizing. My Analysis And More, In Today's Video.

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So the community is banned not for the posts or moderation in it, but for posts made by the moderator in other communities? I think that’s unfortunate.

It’s not advertised anywhere and people seldom visit all known instances to subscribe to potentially interesting communities. I’m subbed here but have no idea where your community is.

Do you remember | The 21st night of September?

Like it was yesterday.

Please clarify what rules were broken for /c/askawoman to be removed.
I saw that the newly created community "askawoman" was deleted due to being a "troll community", with reason being I never had the chance to visit, but see nothing in the provided link that indicates that it's a troll community. Could the administration please clarify what made you decide it had to be removed so I can make sure I don't do the same and get my own communities blocked from federation?

There’s some far-left takes on Lemmy for sure. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that

Absolutely. And I’d go as far as to defend both and lemmygrad’s right to run their instances any way they want., which ultimately is the main instance

Not by any metrics, IMO. I think it’s been explicitly stated by the admins that is not a main instance or a flagship instance. It’s not a general instance but a “community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts”. The devs doesn’t even recommend on, but rather two general purpose instances instead.

Of course, promoting that it’s run by the devs do give off some pretty strong “official/main” vibes to any users.

Saying that is the main instance is somewhat contributing to the problem, no offense intended. What we should say is that there isn’t any main instance, and that size doesn’t matter since we’re all (in theory) federated. If anything, users should check out for a meta-community that seems like a good fit.

but it does limit growth

I believe that people confuse the difference between Lemmy, the federated platform, and, the federated social news aggregator. If new users had a better knowledge on how everything is interconnected instead of the standard monolithic islands, maybe they wouldn’t seek out the “main” or even biggest instances for a fear of missing out.

At the moment it seems a big part of the internet thinks Lemmy is a far left extremist platform. I think Lemmy would be better off without that label.

How would federated posts look if the original server went down? Just a 404 not found on the picture and the discussion left intact?

Only if she gives me back 400 tomorrow.

the list of topic-oriented communities looks a bit random and certainly incomplete.

There’s a lot of communities outside of that’s federated with the server, which means that you’re able to participate in them from your home account on slrpnk.

If there’s no existing alternative, you can either create your own community or if that’s disallowed on slrpnk, petition the mods to set one up. You can also select different servers with different rules, like open community creation, and still interact with everyone.

The previous wave of scatrolling came from beehaw. I’ve seen “Hitler” accounts on as well. I don’t see a lot of content from Sopuli over at NRSK, I wonder why we’re still federated…

I’m a big gamer but dual boot Linux for anything beyond gaming ever since W7, so no idea on the current situation on malware. I just use the built in stuff, but I literally only game and watch YouTube on Windows.

Two decades ago, third party anti-virus was recommended. A decade ago they said Windows Defender was one of the best. A few years ago I read that Avast, a large third party anti-virus sold personal data. 🤷‍♂️

My biggest tip would rather be about accessories. Headsets, headphones with built in microphone is considered an absolute essential by many, me included. A gaming mouse with more than the standard three buttons a close second.

Voice assistants made me realise I’m a modern day luddite, with a smartphone and a strong aversion for using even an emulated AI.

Hello this is the internet police, we got a report that someone typed **** on the web.

The royal family is too passive to be called looters, they’re more like parasites than pirates if anything.

Not exactly a ban, but the public health care system won’t be offering it. I would assume it’s technically available at private health clinics.

What I find interesting is the why, a very official “vaccines doesn’t prevent contagion” so it’s no point taking it to protect grandma and theres a lot of immunity among the younger folds. Its on the official Danish healthcare site so it’s there if one follows the links. I think that’s more of a story.

You got me, it’s just the two of us. By the way, want to buy a water filter?

New site logo?
I see cool new bee, you have new site logo and branding? ![](

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