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You always see car dealerships do this too, to advertise all the cars they’re not selling. Such a waste of energy and pointless light pollution.

That to me is a very necessary feature, for at least two reasons.

  • Internationalization: URLs are always latin chars, which would exclude any non-latin community or usernames.
  • More complex community names. You can see how ridiculous reddit community names can get, because they don’t allow spaces or non-latin characters, in either community or usernames. Spaces specifically is a necessary one for both, and URLs wouldn’t permit that.

Two rules, 1 and 2, specfically Misogyny and Trolling, and it was reported for such.

The same person who posted Do you think men are becoming more beta nowadays?, and why don’t you expletive fat girls??? created an askawoman community. Use another server to make blatantly misogynist troll communities.

#2 is fixed in the next release btw.

What does #1 mean?

Yeah I think so, but I have no idea how “trust” works in IPFS.

In torrents, you have to explicitly be seeding that torrent: if you don’t want to seed the file(s), you remove the torrent. With IPFS I think people can just throw whatever in there.

Now you know why there needs to be a decentralized picture storage hosting that works for the web, in the same way torrents do for even larger data like video.

You have tons of servers hosting the exact same pictures needlessly while sharing none of the hosting costs.

Okay, old pictures should be back now.

Probably not, that would mean two separate pict-rs instances for a single lemmy instance.

We bought some extra hard drive space and are in the process of uploading the backed up pictures. Should be fixed within a few days.

I was going to re-ban them, but luckily they deleted their account. They went with the hitler bunker method I guess.

Definitely never gonna have ads, or paid features, we’ll only ever be donation funded. But there might be better ways to structure that.

I would love it if more /r/piracy communities moved here, or started their own instances. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a push for that, because of the all the benefits.

I do want to devote more time to lemmy-ui, because I agree it could be better. I do need to know of specific issues with it tho, so I can improve it.

I’d rather be working on the android app I made tho for lemmy, jerboa, because kotlin as a language is hundreds of times easier to use than typescript.

We’d love to be able to start a proper open-source programming collective, with the ability to hire more programmers than just the two of us to add features and make lemmy better, but the money just isn’t there. Its difficult to compete with a multi-billion dollar company that’s able to pay high salaries and mobilize hundreds of skilled programmers ( even tho I still am veryy proud of what we’ve been able to do with our limited time, and all the contributions people have made to lemmy ).

Its not a specific problem for us either, all open source projects need more funding than theyre currently getting to thrive. Twitch streamers make more money than open source devs, its a pretty sad state of affairs.

IMO pretty much the only reason reddit is beating us, is the first-mover advantage. I noticed a long time ago that adding more features doesn’t improve the lemmyverse’s user count. Its only when reddit alienates certain groups, that we see large influxes of users and new instances. Otherwise people are happy to stay on reddit, because that’s where communities already are.

/r/piracy is probably the next big community that could migrate to lemmy. Reddit keeps banning then unbanning piracy-related communities, and file-sharers will see that their position is precarious there. /r/privacy should move to lemmy, the reddit redesign is a bloated mess of spyware.

We've added to our blocklist.
Based on concerns from both the admin team and most users here, the admin team decided to add to our blocklist. There is just too much reactionary content that breaks almost all the rules we have here. It's natural for open instances like this one to develop blocklists organically, and so far we've only felt it necessary to block 2 instances. If there's any concerns about other instances that we should keep an eye on, let us know.

cross-posted from: > I've been trying this out for a week, and really like it so far. Loads a bit faster than firefox, and has good ad blocking out of the box.

Reddit just added a default on "presence" indicator. You have to go into settings to turn it off.
[thread on /r/privacy](

I linked the github issue describing this, but essentially the link field, which is the main one used by RSS readers, can either go to - the post link (if given), or - the post on lemmy which includes the comments (IE /post/xxx) I'll give these options below, vote on your favorite.

# Lemmy v0.9.4 Release (2021-02-02) ## Changes ### Lemmy - Fixed a critical bug with votes and comment unlike responses not being `0` for your user. - Fixed a critical bug with comment creation not checking if its parent comment is in the post. - Serving proper activities for community outbox. - Added some active user counts, including `users_active_day`, `users_active_week`, `users_active_month`, `users_active_half_year` to `SiteAggregates` and `CommunityAggregates`. (Also added to lemmy-ui) - Made sure banned users can't follow. - Added `FederatedInstances` to `SiteResponse`, to show allowed and blocked instances. (Also added to lemmy-ui) - Added a `MostComments` sort for posts. (Also added to lemmy-ui) ### Lemmy-UI - Added a scroll position restore to lemmy-ui. - Reworked the combined inbox so incoming comments don't wipe out your current form. - Fixed an updated bug on the user page. - Fixed cross-post titles and body getting clipped. - Fixing the post creation title height. - Squashed some other smaller bugs.