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This doesn't necessarily really fit that well in this community, but I couldn't find any better community to put this in (and this is death-related, so hopefully it's on-topic enough).

The scoring mechanism on Lemmy is addictive
I can't read a news article anymore without thinking of how many upvotes I'd get if I posted it to Lemmy. People are fucking dying. I suppose the scoring mechanism is a way to distinguish higher-quality posts from lower-quality ones, but I also wonder whether "humane" social media like Lemmy blindly adopts techniques from mainstream social media that serves to increase engagement and profit. I wonder what a radical anticapitalist rethinking of social media would look like.

Are lakes just permanent floods?
How long does an area have to be flooded for before it's considered a body of water?

Fediverse sites often have cleaner UIs and load faster than traditional social media. And there’s none of that “create an account to view this post” or “this looks better in the app” stuff.

Also, traditional social media often makes changes that alienates users (because e.g. those changes prioritize profit over the happiness of most users, or because those changes are out of tune with what the users want). In fediverse social medias, this type of change happens less because the developers are often more in tune with their communities and don’t have as much of a profit incentive (and anyone can always create a fork if any changes are unbearably bad).