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The majority of our users are inactive. It could be that they’re checking it out and think they need an account to access the full thing, much like Facebook,Twitter and Reddit does it?

But I’ve heard that the lurker to poster ratio could be quite high on social news aggregators like reddit and lemmy. I wish there was a way to see the last time a user logged in. But for now there’s the user stats, should show how many active users on the instance.

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Feil ved registrering | Errors when registering
🇳🇴 På grunn av det som kan se ut som en bug hos lemmy-platformen når man har søkt om medlemsskap hos NRSK, har flere søknader ikke kommet frem til godkjenning. Den eldste ubehandlede var nærmere én måned gammel. Vi beklager hvis du har søkt og ikke fått svar, eller om du plutselig fikk avslag i dag (27. september). Tekniske problemer ser ut til å ha blitt fikset ved å rulle tilbake en sikkerhetskopi. Du er fortsatt velkommen, men må beklageligvis opprette konto på nytt. Vi har fjernet kravet om e-postaddresse for å minske flaten for tekniske feil. Vi minner på at lemmy er et dugnadsprosjekt, drevet av entusiaster og har ikke teknisk støtte fra noen bedrifter. NRSK er administrert på hobbybasis, og ikke en profesjonell administrator. Vi gjør så godt vi kan, takk for forståelsen! 👍 --- 🇬🇧 Due to what appears to be a bug in the registration process with the lemmy platform, several account applications haven't been delivered for processing. The oldest application was close to a month old. We apologize if you've applied for an account but never received an answer, or got your application denied today (September 27.). The technical issues seems to have been resolved by rolling back to a previous backup. You're still welcome, but unfortunately have to go through the account creation process again. We've removed the requirement for a valid e-mail to minimize potential technical issues. We remind you that lemmy is a FOSS project made by enthusiasts, and not technically backed by any company. NRSK is administrated by hobbyists, not professional administrators. We're all doing the best we can, thank you for your understanding. 👍

NRSK Lemmy får ny profil | NRSK Lemmy is rebranding
🇳🇴 Inspirert av hvordan andre lemmy-servere lager sin egen identitet (Beehaw fikk en [ny og kul logo]( forleden!) har NRSK Lemmy bestemt å gjøre det samme. Vi endrer litt på profileringen vår! NRSK Lemmy bytter navn til NRSK, enkelt og greit. Hvis du lurer på uttalen, så er det å si "NRSK" med så mye kraft og gusto at det høres ut som "Norsk". Vår tidligere maskot, på lån fra lemmy-prosjektet er blitt byttet ut med en kattunge. For moro skyld blir den byttet ut med en fullvoksen katt hvis NRSK når ettårs-jubileum. 😄 Siden fediverset er globalt, administrasjonen hovedsakelig interagerer med engelskspråklige (også rundt oppdateringer som kun omhandlende samt at den gjennomsnittlige skandinav har ganske greie engelskkunnskaper så vil videre meldinger fra NRSK-administrasjonen generelt være på engelsk. Kommenterer du på norsk, får du svar på norsk. --- 🇬🇧 Inspired by how other lemmy-instances are creating distinct identities with their own mascots (what a great new [logo Beehaw got]( just the other day!), why not do the same at NRSK Lemmy? We are rebranding! NRSK Lemmy changes name to simply NRSK. Our previous mascot, borrowed from the lemmy project has been replaced by a kitten. For the fun of it, the kitten will be replaced by an adult cat if NRSK reaches a one-year anniversary. 😄 --- # NRSK ![](

The developers ability to focus on long term goals for the project is the reason NRSK believes in Lemmy, and tries to support it as a platform in any way possible.

Updated list, tweaked theme, added "Random" button
The "Random" button sends the user directly to a recommended instance for new users. At the moment the random pool consists of Sopuli and Beehaw. Suggestions for more recommended instances is welcomed. Tweaked the theme and background colours of the big list. It should work with dark modes, tested on DarkReader/FF and Chromium style, let me know if there's any odd colours or crud readability. Updated the list with suggestions and some new communites from NRSK. Keep them coming and they'll get added!

The address to the overview is, temporarily closed as I’m working on dark theme.

The address to the Polish news community is

Hi, and thank you for your suggestion. We’d be happy to have your English language News community listed in the “News” category, I hope to have it updated by the afternoon.

Update: Your community has been added.

One problem I noticed is that the community list doesnt have any clickable links

I used to be on Mastodon which had a function to “Remote follow” profiles on remote instances. I haven’t seen the function in Lemmy, and the only way I know how to subscribe to remote communities not federated is to copy-paste and search for the URL from within Lemmy.

Adding a link seemed like an extra step, follow link, open page, copy URL from browser URL field, paste etc. Is there a better way to subscribe besides searching for the URL?

The list also includes some non-Lemmy instances like

Good point. I have no strong opinions either way, and is looking for more feedback from other users. But the most important thing is that only lemmy instances are shown as a new home instance.

There’s been some suggestions on a “Join random instance” button on the welcome site, what do you think? Right now it’s just linked to directly to join-lemmy/instances.

A lot of users are looking forward to Hexbear getting their federation back. When they do, I’ll happily add any suggested communities to the overview.

I feel like there could be a button to simply sign up to a random instance from a curated list.

This has been considered. I agree that it would be nice to have a curated pool of random servers with a “Random Instance” button. It should be quite easy to set up. It would also allow us, as the wider lemmyverse, to avoid promoting instances some would consider harmful to the reputation of lemmy. Like 6 dead and inactive servers in a row on the automatic join-lemmy overview.

On the other hand there has been changes on join-lemmy, with two rather nice general instances being promoted. And you can browse a short description of all the instances before checking one out in depth, that’s also nice.

I’m also a follower of instance culture. Some people are better suited at certain servers. NRSK have blocked individuals from federating their content with us, but don’t mind that they have a community to participate in “over there”. You can’t find the right instance for you if all you get is random.

What about a “Pick random general instance”? That’s Beehaw and Sopuli if I’m not mistaken.

The site could essentially offer an easy (default) path that would tell you in the simplest possible terms (preferably with pictures) what Lemmy is

Hopefully a more graphical introduction will come, so far the setup is mostly about getting the list sorted and online. All help is appreciated, and if anybody want’s to do screenshots and the write-up you’re welcome to contact me through or DM’s

and enough about federation that the user is aware that it’s normal to have multiple web addresses, they all just access the same network.

Beyond the comparison to e-mail, I believe understanding duplicated community federation isn’t required entry-level knowledge. If a user comes from i.e. reddit, throwing up 14 unique but isolated communities would confuse them. That’s why there’s only a single recommendation per topic on the list - First people have to make it work before they expand.

If someone is able to write up a short explanation on how the fediverse works that I can show to my father, and he’ll understand it before giving up - I’ll definitively reconsider.

offer two buttons, one would take the user immediately to a recommended instance, the other would fork them to the “advanced” path

That could work.

Live updates will be happening
There are some minor issues regarding how colours render on the site, for now it's reverted to bog-standard pasty off-white default theme. A dark interface is #1 priority. I'll be doing some live work on the site in the coming days but can't be bothered to clone the site to a sandbox. You may experience some changes in the visuals when browsing while I work. Such is life.

Thank you for the feedback. I did some testing and it turn’s out it doesn’t render properly in Chromium-style browsers either so no dark mode for now.

Thank you for the notice. It showed up exactly like that due to my browser extension “Dark Reader” but worked fine once I turned it off. Are you running any kind of extension that changes the colours on a webpage?

Unofficial "Welcome to Lemmy!"-page with a BIG list of 280+ communities, sortable by topic and activity
NRSK have made an unofficial info page for new and old users alike. If you are new, or want to introduce someone to Lemmy, maybe this can be a useful tool? Perhaps you're an old-timer who'll find some interesting new communities to subscribe to? If you have any feedback or want to add to the list, drop a comment or post in Right now the list is manually curated, but long term ideas such as direct user submissions is being explored.

Important message regarding NRSK Privacy
Hello and thank you for subscribing. is finding it's place and identity in the Lemmyverse, and is rapidly turning into a Norwegian language-focused instance. We do have some communities dedicated to posts in English, but in general there's a lot more great discussions and posts in English on instances with English as the main language - and they're all available on NRSK through federation! See "All" vs. "Local" posts and comments. In this regard we're working on freezing english-language communities that are duplicates of popular communities, and rather direct users to more suitable locations. For privacy-related posts in English, NRSK recommends's Privacy community. You can [access and subscribe to it through NRSK]( Users of other instances can search for "" and subscribe through their own instance. For privacy-related posts in Norwegian, NRSK recommends our own Personvern-community. You can [access and subscribe to it through NRSK]( Users of other instances can search for "" and subscribe through their own instance.

Nice list. is a rather new Norwegian instance, and it looks like we’re going for mostly Norwegian language posts. One community dedicated to content in English is Norway, where everybody is welcome to both subscribe and post.

Our Meta-community is Main.

Sure thing, we’re already pulling posts from 90% of the mentioned instances!

Ustabilitet i tjenesten / Service disruption
Vi skal bytte DNS-server, det kan være ustabil tilkobling til de neste to dagene. Changing DNS servers, service could be unavailable for short periods the next two days.

It’s not that bad down here.

This is a test of

Regler / Rules
# Hovedregel / Prime rule: 🇳🇴 Reglene vil kunne endre seg etter hvert som nye utfordringer oppstår. De er ikke tilbakevirkende, men innhold vil fortsatt kunne bli fjernet for å beskytte siden. 🇬🇧 The rules are subject to change, as new challenges arises. They are not retro-active but content could still be removed to protect the site. **Siste oppdatering / Last updated:** 2022 10 11 #### Side-regler / Site rules **1.** 🇳🇴 Ikke bryt norsk lov. 🇬🇧 Don't break Norwegian laws. **2.** 🇳🇴 Ikke vær en dust mot andre, dette inkluderer alt fra personangrep mot individer til diskriminering av folkegrupper. 🇬🇧 Don't be an ass towards others, this includs anything from harassing individual users to discriminating against groups of people. **3.** 🇳🇴 Ikke del personlig eller privat informasjon hvis det ikke er av offentlig interesse. *Som er svært skjeldent.* 🇬🇧 Don't post personal or private information unless it's of public interest. *It very rarely is.* **4.** 🇳🇴 er ikke en side for full ytringsfrihet. Du er en gjest på en privat side og hvis du ikke viser et minimum av folkeskikk vil du bli vist døren, digitalt sett. 🇬🇧 is not a site for free speech. You're a guest on a private site and if you don't show a minimum of decency, you'll digitally be shown the door. **5.** 🇳🇴 Tillatte språk på serveren er Norsk, Svensk, Dansk og Engelsk. 🇬🇧 Allowed languages on the server is Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English. **6.** 🇳🇴 Ikke abbonner på grupper dedikert til ulovlig eller svært støtende materiale (porno, vold, blod og gørr osv.). 🇬🇧 Don't subscribe to groups dedicated to illegal or particularly distasteful materials (porn, violence, gore etc.). **7.** 🇳🇴 Ikke abbonner på grupper som i utgangspunktet ikke er modererte. 🇬🇧 Don't subscribe to groups that are unmoderated by default. **8.** 🇳🇴 Dukker det opp ulovlig eller svært støtende materiale i enkeltposter fra grupper på andre servere, kan posten bli slettet. Er det gjentagende og rutinemessig kan gruppen bli blokkert fra 🇬🇧 If unsuitable materials show up as individual posts from groups on other servers, the post could be deleted. If it's repeating and regular, the entire group could be blocked from **9.** 🇳🇴 Ikke bruk til sensitiv eller kritisk arbeid. Det er ingen lovnad om oppetid, sikkerhet eller noe som helst annet enn at så lenge administratoren bruker tjenesten blir den vedlikeholdt etter beste evne. 🇬🇧 Don't use for sensitive or critical tasks. There's no promises regarding uptime, security or anything beyond that as long as the administrator is using the platform - it will be maintaned to the best of his abilities. **10.** 🇳🇴 Ikke delta i aktiviteter som er egnet til å stoppe veksten av Lemmyverset på ideolisk grunnlag. 🇬🇧 Don't participate in activites that are aimed at halting the Lemmyverse growth on an ideological basis. **11.** 🇳🇴 Ikke bruk debatteknikker som personangrep, stråmenn eller lignende med åpenlys dårlig hensikt, som å dominere en samtale eller en annen bruker. Hvis du vil be noen dra til H... så skal det gjøres på et sivilisert vis. 🇬🇧 Don't use debate techniques like ad hominem, strawmen or similar in bad faith, to dominate a debate or other users. If you want to tell someone to F... off, it must be done in a civilized manner. **12** 🇳🇴 Hvis du presenterer innhold uten kontekst det settes spørsmål ved, f.eks. at månen er en ost eller at jorden er flat kan du bli bedt om å presentere støttende argumenter. Personlige meninger fremsatt som objektive sannheter uten støttende fakta vil bli ansett som spam. 🇬🇧 If you present content without context which is questioned, i.e. "the moon is made of cheese" or "The earth is flat", you might be asked to present supporting arguments. Personal opinions presented as objective truth without any supporting facts will be considerer spam. **13** 🇳🇴 Hver gruppe har et arbeidsspråk, som oftest engelsk og noen ganger på norsk, i hvert fall her på For å unngå å ødelegge opplevelsen til hverandre, samt dele interesser med de som ikke snakker norsk poster man på samme språk som i gruppen. F.eks. Artikler om Norge på norsk skal i /c/norge, mens artikler om Norge på engelsk skal i /c/norway. 🇬🇧 All communities have a working language, usually English but sometimes Norwegian. To avoid ruining the experience for others, and share content with those who doesn't speak Norwegian you're asked to post content in the same language as the community. I.e. Articles about Norway in Norwegian goes in /c/norge, while articles about Norway in English goes in /c/norway. **14.** 🇳🇴 Det er helt greit å klage på regler eller moderering men administratoren har det endelige ordet. Hvis du ikke er fornøyd med dette kan du bruke andre Lemmy-servere eller sette opp din egen. kan være til dels behjelpelig med dette. 🇬🇧 It's perfectly fine to complain about rules or moderation style, but the administrator has the final word. If you're not comfortable with this you're free to use other Lemmy-instances or set up your own. can help out with this in a limited fashion. #### Sammfunnsregler / Community rules: **1.** 🇳🇴 Moderatorer av samfunn/grupper kan lage egne regler som kommer i tillegg til sidereglene. 🇬🇧 Moderators can make their own community-rules for groups. Sitewide rules still apply. --- # Reaksjoner / Reactions: 🇳🇴 #### På uønsket opptreden fra brukere, egne eller federerte: 1. Fjerning av innlegg eller kommentarer. 2. Kortsiktig utestengelse fra NRSK. 3. Langsiktig utestengelse fra NRSK. 4. Permanent utestengelse fra NRSK. #### På uønsket innhold i grupper på NRSK: 1. Fjerning av poster. 2. Nedstenging av gruppe. #### På uønsket innhold i grupper fra andre sider: 1. Fjerning av poster fra NRSK (posten er fortsatt tilgjengelig i original-gruppen). 2. Blokkering av federering til NRSK (gruppen er fortsatt tilgjengelig på original-serveren). #### På overveldende negative grupper fra enkelt-servere 1. Tilbakemelding til administrator for gjeldende server. 2. Blokkering av federering til NRSK (Serveren er fortsatt tilgjengelig på egen addresse). 🇬🇧 #### To unwanted behaviour from users, own or federated: 1. Removal of post or comment. 2. Short term ban from participating through NRSK. 3. Long term ban from participating through NRSK. 4. Permanent ban from participating through NRSK. #### To unwanted content in groups/communities on NRSK: 1. Removal of posts 2. Shutdown of community/group. #### To unwanted content in federated groups/communities: 1. Removal of posts from NRSK (the post still available in the original group). 2. Blocking federation to NRSK (the group is still available on the original server) #### To overwhelming amounts of unwanted groups/communities from a specific server/instance: 1. Feedback to administrator of the server/instance. 2. Block federation to NRSK (The server and it's content is still available at their own address). --- 🇳🇴 copy-paste shortcut 🇬🇧 copy-paste shortcut
Regler / Rules