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The prosecutor demands conditional imprisonment for the HS journalists and the removal of the Viestikoekeskus article - Defense: All information was public
[**HELSINKI - THE PROSECUTOR DEMANDS CONDITIONAL IMPRISONMENT FOR THE HS JOURNALISTS AND THE REMOVAL OF THE VIESTIKOEKESKUS ARTICLE - DEFENSE: ALL INFORMATION WAS AVAILABLE FROM PUBLIC SOURCES**]( THE PROSECUTORS demanded a conditional prison sentence of at least one and a half years for Helsingin Sanomat's journalists. The journalists are accused of revealing a security secret and attempting to reveal a security secret. The charge concerns an article published by Helsingin Sanomat in December 2017 about the Finnish Defense Forces' Communication Test Center. According to the prosecutors' point of view, the newspaper intended to publish more information considered to be kept secret in follow-up stories. [By Anne Kantola HS, Susanna Reinboth HS](

Sensitive FBI, Interpol Info Leaked From Israeli Firm Cellebrite, Court Documents Show
[SENSITIVE FBI, INTERPOL INFO LEAKED FROM ISRAELI FIRM CELLEBRITE, COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW]( Sensitive and confidential information relating to intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies across the globe, including the FBI and Interpol, leaked from Israeli firm Cellebrite, according to court documents cleared for publication at Haaretz’s request. […](

**[ONLYFANS BRIBED META TO PUT THOUSANDS OF PORN STARS ON TERROR WATCHLIST, SUITS CLAIM](** > OnlyFans squashed competitors in the online porn industry with the help of a bizarre scheme that bribed Meta employees to throw thousands of porn stars onto a terrorist watchlist, according to a group of explosive lawsuits. > Adult performers who sold X-rated photos and videos on rival sites saw their Instagram accounts falsely tagged as containing terrorist content — crippling their ability to promote their business and devastating their incomes, according to the suits. […](

#Chatcontrol - EDPB & EDPS: proposal to combat child sexual abuse online presents serious risks for fundamental rights
**[CHATCONTROL - EDPB & EDPS: PROPOSAL TO COMBAT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE ONLINE PRESENTS SERIOUS RISKS FOR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS](!hyc4M7)** Brussels, 29 July - The European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor ( [@EDPS]( ) adopted a Joint Opinion on the Proposal for a Regulation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse. The Proposal aims to impose obligations related to detecting, reporting, removing and blocking known and new online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), as well as the solicitation of children, on providers of hosting services, interpersonal communication services, software application stores, internet access services and other relevant services. The EDPB and EDPS consider child sexual abuse as a particularly serious and heinous crime. Limitations to the rights to private life and data protection must, however, respect the essence of these fundamental rights and remain limited to what is strictly necessary and proportionate. The EDPB and EDPS consider that the Proposal, in its current form, may present more risks to individuals, and, by extension, to society at large, than to the criminals pursued for CSAM. Whilst supporting the goals and intentions behind the Proposal, the EDPS and EDPB express serious concerns about the impact of the envisaged measures on individuals’ privacy and personal data. The lack of detail, clarity and precision of the conditions for issuing a detection order for CSAM and child solicitation does not ensure that only a targeted approach to CSAM detection will effectively take place. There is a risk that the Proposal could become the basis for a generalised and indiscriminate scanning of content of virtually all types of electronic communications. The EDPB and EDPS advise that the conditions for issuing a detection order should be further clarified Opinion [!hyc4M7](!hyc4M7) Press Release [!H8tN6P](!H8tN6P)

EXCLUSIVE EU found evidence employee phones compromised with spyware -letter By Raphael Satter July 27 (Reuters) - The European Union found evidence that smartphones used by some of its staff were compromised by an Israeli company's spy software, the bloc's top justice official said in a letter seen by Reuters. In a July 25 letter sent to European lawmaker Sophie in ‘t Veld, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said iPhone maker Apple had told him in 2021 that his iPhone had possibly been hacked using Pegasus, a tool developed and sold to government clients by Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group […](