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I don’t like sports in general, but the result of the world cup has political impacts in my country, that I hope to be positive. We currently have a fascist head of government who has just lost the reelection attempt for next year, and there are far right people on the streets right now crying fraud and literaly asking for a military coup. The same people happen to be very nationalistic and world cup is all about that sentiment. So I do believe that if we perform well at least for a while, people will get happy and distracted. They might even come to their senses and realize the country is headed to a better path now, and leave fascism behind.

It’s not my favorite either, but we must admit it’s useful and the simplicity of it makes for a very acessible format. If mastodon is successful, the whole fediverse will benefit from it.

I browse ProfessorDaveExplains whenever I want to remember some subject from school. It’s mostly educational mini courses about everything, but he also does some videos focused on debunking antiscience.

I made an account on diaspora some time ago but ever since then I have been wondering what I am supposed to do on that platform.

He said they were russian missiles. Now imagine how many more ukranian mistakes were labeled as russian strikes by him just so he saves face. The west usually backs his claims, but now the stakes are too high.

I’m super late. But yeah! You are definitely not alone. I’m not a memer but I tried to keep up reposting some personally picked memes from reddit. I’m not against having a bot doing that, though. You might think it’s not an authentic lemmy experience, but the upvotes and downvotes are still ours. That matters a lot I think.

I don’t have much knowledge about smartphones, but I have been wondering about this for some time and seemed like it was technically possible, but from your assessment we are not there yet. Then again if countries keep this trend with laws to go through our personal data, then regardless of what is ethical someone is gone make this work.

What if you give them a fake password that unlocks a decoy file system with useless made up data.

But if form and function are the same, there should not be priorization of one in relation to the other.

They suspended it indefinitely after the deal was used as cover to attack russian ships. We shall see what will come out of it. It may be renegotiated.

I don’t think it’s worth it to risk your life just for the money. On the other hand, imagine if the masses of poor people who have nothing to lose start playing this. Even if it’s hard to win, there are much more poor people than billionaries. All the billionaries would face the real risk of being massacred very quickly. I believe this would coerce them into sharing their fortune at least to the point they are no longer billionaries, and also try to cater to the people in the extreme poverty levels, who would be gifted the power to kill them. So all in all, I am privileged enough to not want to participate in the game, but very much approve of its existence. It’s akin to the situation where a leftist takes hold of the death note and starts killing the richest people of the world one by one, and people realize being rich has become a curse and start to regret winning capitalism.

Hey! Congrats everybody for making a little bit of history here. I’m glad to be part of it.

Contains a surprising amount of things I took for granted.

That might be true, but it’s also more personal and us introverts get lots of anxiety exposing ourselves.

Actually it was a surprise for me this year to learn finland was not part of NATO. I thought it was kind of badass of them, specially considering the history with the winter war. But I also heard they cooperated a lot with them, so maybe it was bound to happen anyway.

Edit: I’m confused… who did I offend here and why?

Who would win, 2 rooks or 1 queen? Find out!

Anyway it was a tough one. Congrats Liwott.

According to wikipedia, “Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment”. So the immediate gratification of the participants is not necessary for porn to qualify.

Yes. Imagine there was another viable marxist-leninist instance with different rules, I wonder how many of the current lemmygrad users would prefer to migrate to that instance.

I saw [this discussion](https://lemmy.ml/post/419474/comment/252232) in the comment section of some post, and it was about what the vote should be used for and how there is no official guideline for how to use it. I thought this was such a good question, that it deserved a post of its own. Related question would be if there should be multiple scores with different meanings, through which posts can be sorted.

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Is there a way to collapse long chains of comments like there is the (-) sign on the browser? it's the one feature I'm missing the most. Or maybe it's implemented?